Neighborhood life in Medellin

The city is growing and transforming after years of fear and isolation. Nearby construction crews and machines wake us too early everyday. We are in Provenza/Poblado, a great part of this 3m city which is described both as mellow and innovative. The contrasts are great-sparkling,sophisticated high rises, gleaming medical complexes,manicured grounds next to muy typico cafes, family shops, street corner vendors,ubiquitous coffee shops and open air casual dining. The streets are surprisingly clean, the hills steep, the motorbikes fast and furious around corners. Everyone complains about the traffic and when you ride the bus you get rap performers or messages of salvation followed by a donation cup. Riding the metro is easy and people are polite and give up their seat to mothers with babies…and to me with my grey hair!

Out our front door are many choices for lunch, drinks, a nice or low key dinner, think of an upscale NYC neighborhood. College friends from FL are in town so we are touring a little and speaking English, a welcome treat. The city is full of young people, maybe studying Spanish? We could use help.

We are working with some young artists who agreed to give us some drawing classes; we go twice a week for couple of hours, even do homework! We met them at an art store after making inquiries for a class. Julio, Valentina and Daniela are talented and delightful. Later, we were picking up a couple of food items at a neighborhood store and ran into the gallery manager but none of us could do more than smile. Still, we felt like we knew someone close to home.

We have not met Americans yet! Our guides, earlier in our trip, have been fascinating (thank you, upscale Amakuna Travel, Boris Seckovic)and yesterday we did a beautiful Lake District tour with a charming local, Always lets to learn. Today we will try to play duplicate bridge at a nearby club followed by a farewell dinner with Mimi and Bo. We are figuring out how to order medium rare beef!

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  1. Love all your posts. Sorry to hear about all the rain and the construction noise, but still sounds pretty wonderful.

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