Trip to Colombia


Map of Colombia with our travel route, Paula and Dan.

Why Colombia? Ten years ago we had such great fun at language school n Ecuador (and twice before in parts of Mexico) that we decided to do two months again, but this time in a country just being discovered and readied for visitors. We liked the idea of something new that would make us stretch and explore. We decided to live on our own this time instead of with families, probably because that was totally in Spanish and pretty exhausting. Getting to know the families does have it great appeal, however.

Now we are in Medellin and it has rained for several days so our city exploration is curtailed. We are learning our neighborhood, shopping for food and wine and finding not many English speakers, but many smiles. Today’s big aha is finding we can have groceries delivered! Yesterday’s treat were g & t out of our own kitchen after trekking in humidity and up many hills.

We feel very safe and have 24/7 security at our Airbnb apartment which is spacious, modern, and in a lovely area near cafes, clubs and more. We use the outdoor living and dining room a little, wearing fleece. Most unusual; it is normally warmer.

Just last week we were At the coast NE of blazing hot and totally charming Cartegna tubing on the river seeing toucan and howler monkeys. All was simple and quiet ecolodge living. We had a fascinating conversation with a local(indigenous) about his land, traditions and family. During the Violence these farmer tribes were displaced and disrupted along with other thousands. Like Vietnam, the earth holds sorrow and stories.

More later, some musings about Bogota and coffee country. BTW, our trip is coordinated beautifully by AMAKUNA Boutique Travel, Boris Seckvic owner, uwhom we found and vetted via Google “luxury travel in Colombia.”